June sales of electric vehicles tied with diesel

Published at: 19/07/2021

According to research organisation New Auto Motive, new diesel and new fully electric cars were tied for third place behind petrol cars and hybrids in June's new car market.

Almost 16,000 new fully electric cars were registered in June 2021 – the highest share of the market so far this year. In contrast, new diesel car registrations have not recovered from the collapse in sales during the pandemic.

Regionally, the Northeast, London, and the Southeast continue to be hotspots for new EV registrations. Northeast England now averages 13% of all newly registered cars being fully electric.

Ben Nelmes, head of policy at New Auto Motive, said: "Electric car sales saw strong growth in June. While petrol remains the most popular fuel type, the growth of registrations of new hybrid vehicles is a concern. Hybrids are not zero emissions cars, and the UK needs to see faster growth in zero emissions, fully electric cars to meet its net zero target. Ministers should consider introducing a California-style scheme that would reward manufacturers for selling fully electric cars instead of hybrids."