Pavement parking delay is ‘not an option’ as rule changes are ‘long overdue’

Published at: 02/12/2021

Campaign group Living Streets has written an open letter to the Transport Secretary urging the Government to stop stalling on the parking proposals. They have urged the Government to “move forward” with the introduction of new driving law to combat kerb stoppers.

The note comes a year from the closing of a DfT consultation into the new proposals. However, a decision on the future of UK roads has yet to be decided, leaving many vulnerable pedestrians “at-risk”.They are pushing for the introduction of a blanket charge across the whole country.This could see drivers fined up to £70, similar to London where drivers are already charged.The letter states: “We were pleased to support the Government’s consultation in November 2020 on managing pavement parking.

“The problem of pavement parking is a longstanding issue and action is now long overdue.“We now have an opportunity to make progress on this problem – doing nothing is not an option.“A year on from the close of the consultation, we urge you to move forward with introduction of legislation to introduce a London-style pavement parking prohibition throughout England, as in Scotland.

“Only a default prohibition, with appropriate exemptions, like in London, will send the signal that pavement parking is unacceptable.”

The letter adds pavement parking risks “damaging road surfaces” and can “discriminate against pedestrians”.They added parents and children were putting themselves “at-risk” over pavement parking.

Research by YouGov for Living Streets found 87 percent of parents with children aged four to 11 have had to step into the road because of other vehicles on the pavement.