Break free from traditional fleet car supply & fleet management

Subscribe + Drive is a new super flexible salary sacrifice service for the provision of ULEV’s. MAX 12-month commitment on any individual vehicle

  • MAX 12 month commitment on any individual vehicle
  • BENEFIT from the changes in company car tax(CCT) and Benefit in Kind (BIK)
  • Access to vehicles as a service, no ownership liability
  • No minimum volume of vehicles

Why is it for you?

Our clients get affordable access to the latest Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV’s) whilst supporting safer driving behaviour with no ownership liability & pooled mileage management with potential of rebates on fleet under mileage. Our clients get affordable access with all-inclusive monthly pricing to the


From £ 340
Per month

From £ 340
Per month

From £ 440
Per month

Our proposition

  • No large upfront payments, or advanced rental payments
  • Access to ULEV’s as a service, no ownership liability
  • Pooled mileage management, to mitigate any excess mileage
  • £500 damage waiver at end of contract of each individual vehicle
  • Fully inclusive pricing, insurance(optional), RFL, maintenance, repair and servicing, breakdown& recovery glass and tyres repair or replacement (fair, wear & tear)
  • Telematics that provides driver behaviour scores by individual and total fleet to support safer driver behaviour, Accident detection and remote immobilizer fitted to every vehicle
  • Driver portal that puts the driver experience back in control of the driver.

Our Service

Account Management

We operate a very personal account manager relationship, depending on Organisation size the account manager can be solely dedicated to one Organisation.

Mileage Management

We provide pooled mileage for the entire Client fleet, to mitigate any risk of additional charges as a result of excess mileage on any one individual vehicle. Caasta monitor and report the pooled mileage and the individual mileage of each vehicle and of the Clients total fleet, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually.

MID Management(Optional)

Vehicle Insurance / Motor Insurance Database

We can manage all processes for ensuring that all vehicles in your fleet are fully insured as specified.

This will include:
  • Arranging/providing insurance for the vehicle
  • Maintaining a record and holding copies of insurance certificates
  • Manage the Motor Insurance Database (MID) on behalf of the Client where vehicles on hire/lease in excess of 14 continuous calendar days

Fleet Administration

We ensure that all vehicles are maintained to a safe and legal condition and in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. All provided vehicles come with road fund license (RFL) for the duration of the contractual period.

Damage Waiver

We provide a damage waiver of £500 for each individual vehicle. After return at the end of the contract service, the vehicle is assessed by a third party and a full detailed report is provided on any damage.

European Cover & Usage

We provide a maximum of 14 days overseas travel to Europe in any individual vehicle. The driver will be responsible for travel insurance, maintenance, servicing and must extend their free breakdown cover to include full European breakdown including recovery before traveling.

Database & P11D Reporting

We record and provide all the relevant information required for submission of P46 (Car) and P11D forms to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Forward Facing Cameras

We can provide all vehicles with forward facing cameras at pre-delivery (PDI) if required for additional cost.

In Life Movement of Vehicles

The cost of all movements of all vehicles in the fleet is included in our total costs. This includes initial delivery and end of contract pick up.

Environmental Roadmap

Our proposition provides a choice of ULEV or a 100% EV. Drivers can transition to full electric vehicles, where it is appropriate to do so for both business and personal requirements.

Benefit in Kind

We provide the opportunity for the drivers to benefit fully with recent HMRC changes in reducing BIK on ULEV’s. It is important that the company’s drivers have the choice to benefit from these changes.

Continual Improvement

We continually, identify new and potential improvements to the provision of the goods and services we provide.
We work with our Clients to drive continuous improvement throughout the duration of any agreement with a view to reducing the Clients costs and improving the quality and efficiency of the goods and services that they supply to Clients.
The introduction of our driver portal has placed control back with the driver, as a result we have now automated several processes, which has resulted in a reduction in our administration costs, and reduced our costs to serve our Clients.

Service Level Agreement & KPI’s

We provide a detailed full-service level agreement. We work with our Clients to jointly agree a Service Level Agreement that meets their requirements. We also work jointly with our Clients to agree Key Performance Indicators and targets which we report on and are part of a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual management information pack.

Additional Services

All vehicles we provide are fitted with latest telematics, as part of our service we provide individual and fleet driver behaviour statistics. These can be accessed by the individual driver through our driver portal, based on the individual results we provide tips to the individual driver on how they can improve their score.
We will also provide a monthly report on the overall scores of the total fleet, we will also highlight those drivers that are in the high-risk category based on their individual scores to support any driver education the Client operates. We can also provide statistics to support a safer driver reward scheme. All this information supports the Client in their corporate responsibility to promote the welfare and wellbeing of their drivers.