MASIS partners with to offer all, our amazing members big savings on new ‘subscribe and drive’ services offers their customers the unique service of ‘Trouble-Free’ motoring, with a single, simple, transparent all-inclusive monthly payment for our members.
Masis community will receive 50% reduction on the annual membership and an additional 8% discount on the monthly subscription, which could save you up to £1,200 in your first year, in this exclusive deal.
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After your first 89 days subscription, you receive 1 month free on your next 89 day subscription

Why ?

The subscribe and drive to meet the growing demand from consumers for an easier way to access high quality vehicles less than 12 months old and to manage their motoring costs without the burden of a three to five-year leasing arrangement with big-upfront payments and hidden exit fees and penalties.

Our levels


FIAT 500

£ 260.00 *
Per month * Excluding VAT
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Standard Family


£ 335.00 *
Per month * Excluding VAT
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Most popular
Large Family


£ 395.00 *
Per month * Excluding VAT
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What ? offers its members a range of vehicles from compact city cars to large family cars and crossovers. All vehicles are guaranteed to be under 12 months and 12,000 miles and are backed up with ‘no quibble’ service promise.
Personal membership is subject to an annual fee which starts at £700
Monthly subscription is all inclusive and covers:
  • • Insurance
  • • Road Tax
  • • Accident, Breakdown and at Home Cover
  • • 1000 miles a month
  • • Glass Damage Cover (Fair Wear and Tear Policy)
  • • Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs
  • • Tyres (Fair Wear and Tear)
  • • IPT and VAT included
  • • Free delivery and collection anywhere in mainland UK
Individual vehicle subscription is based on an 89-day contract which limits the members liability and enables them to swap their vehicle more frequently.
At the 89 day of their contract members can choose to keep the car they have or swap it for another vehicle in their chosen membership level for no cost; or they can switch up to a vehicle in a higher membership level, or they can downgrade to a vehicle in a lower membership level if their needs or circumstances change.
Or they can simply hand the car back – all without the financial penalties associated with normal leasing or hire purchase agreements

When ?

Sign up now and experience the freedom of Caasta’s “Trouble- Free” motoring service, with a simple and transparent fully inclusive monthly payment
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